December 15, 2017

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To the Moon and Back: A Let's Play Diary

April 8, 2016




Last month a good friend of mine, PixxelLP, sent me a little game called To the Moon. This game is a story about a team of people who are hired to alter peoples memories so that they can experience a final wish in their mind. My gaming channel is quickly becoming the 'Feels' channel because the past few games I've played have been heavily choice based, or really intensely emotional. 

To the Moon is definitely part of that line up and as you explore the client, John's, memories you fall in love with his past, but there is a growing fear towards the end that you are effectively going to re-write these precious memories in order for him to achieve his dying wish.


I know this is a bit of a short write up, but this particular game is very involved. It's a tale of personalities, a love story, informational on living with and loving someone who struggles with a mental illness, and dealing with death and depression. It's told in a very beautiful and powerful way; which makes it easy to love all of the characters. 


The soundtrack of To the Moon is really quite gorgeous and tells the story well.


The song For River evolves over the course of the story and still gives me chills! It varies between sad, playful, and romantic. It's an absolutely lovely piano solo.


The Stranger's Lament is a suspenseful and melancholy song that captures the struggles of the characters very well. 


Moongazers is a sweet piece that reminds me of a music box song. It's also describes the bitter sweetness of the game quite well...


Then there's the climax track Launch It captures the excitement of the moment and Journeys you through the emotions of the game and John's story wonderfully; then it leads into the final rendition of For River called To the Moon.... can I just say that I cried like a wee baby? I can!? Great because that's what happened. 


Bonus: There was a vocalist, Laura Shigihara, singing over the theme for To the Moon.... It's cute! <3


Story Game Soundtracks: Making grown people cry buckets for nearly 4 decades. 


I would highly recommend this game, and its simple, but lovely soundtrack. 


Feel free to check out my playthrough of the game here: 



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