RPGS 4 Charities was founded by Gaming Enthusiast, Chris Bellamy. As the founder his dream was to inspire people everywhere to reach out into their community, and use their skill and passion to do good in the world. Last year the event was put on hold due to personal challenges, but with Chris' approval Gary, and Ashley Watts have taken on the role of planning and organizing the 4th Annual RPGS 4 CHARITIES .  So now the adventure continues!!!


RPGS 4 Charities is a 48-hour Tabletop Roleplaying Event for Charity. A Team of players band together to overcome the challenges presented to them by a Game Master. The Game Master is a Storyteller who creates a world and situations for players to interact with. The choices made by the team influence the outcome of each chapter of the story. However, when you contribute to RPGS 4 Charities you have the opportunity to either support or sabotage our players. So YOU can have a hand in making the game more... I n t e r e s t i n g...

This year our fearless crew will be playing Shadowrun, a cyperpunk fantasy role-playing game that takes place in a world dominated by major corporations and computer technology.  Its a world drenched in neon, corporate and mob oriented oppression, social anarchy, incredibly advanced tech, and some serious attitude. Imagine a game that takes place in the Bladerunner universe, but with Orcs, and Elves and such and you won't be far off understanding the setting.


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In order to elevate the RPGS experience we have also organized a soundtrack featuring 13 artists on 19 tracks resulting in more than an hour of original music. The Synthwave 4 Charity project will be available on all platforms including, but not limited to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Apple Music. 10% will go to distribution, and the remaining 90% will be going directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation! 

If you are not familiar with Synthwave as a musical genre it is essentially an 80's/90's soundtrack revival genre with a colorful variety of subgenres. These subgeneres include Chillwave, Darkwave, Dreamwave, Retrowave, Vaporwave, and many more facets that are definitely going to pull you right into this world with us. 

Our Shadowrun campaign will begin on August 31st at 8PM EST and continue until September 2nd at 8:30PM EST. Tune-in for some rad adventures, and crazy shenanigans!!! 

If you just can't wait... DON'T  Click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to our Make-A-Wish team. 

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