Electronic Super Joy: Ridiculous, but Fun

Ohhh Yeahh!

This game is awkward... But enjoyable. Enter the world of Electronic Super Joy [ESJ] where you are setting out on an epic quest to get revenge for your arse. That's right, this is a game that doesn't make a lot of sense, but in a good, and completely hilarious kind of way.

If you enjoyed games like Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure, Ren & Stimpy, or South Park this game is for you. It doesn't take anything seriously, is quite juvenile, and is equally enjoyable to play.

This is not a casual game though. This is a very difficult game and requires you to re-learn the gameplay mechanics over and over again. It was built to induce rage and I can definitely imagine a lot of people would give up on this one pretty early on no matter how amusing it is.

The art style is simple silhouetted pixel art, but it never feels cheap,... this title is all about the gameplay baby! If you are looking for a game to fulfill your lust for unreasonable challenges look no further. If you are easily offended by pretty much anything this game is NOT for you. You have been warned, and they even take the time to warn you before you ever hit play on the screen. There's butt humor, sex humor, and pope humor. It's so very tongue in cheek, but none the less is relevant to your quest.

The Soundtrack of this game is on FIRE! If you enjoy heavy hitting 4-on-the-floor DDR style EDM the music will rock your world. Some of the tracks are recurring, but there is a lot of music in this game and it will definitely keep the adrenaline going while you play. Also... spoiler: At some points the game decides it wants to be a rhythm game so sometimes the music is relevant to the gameplay.... or at the very least it can be helpful.

This is NOT a game for children....in any sense of the word really. If you have kids I'll leave it up to you to determine their maturity level, and when it would be.. well appropriate isn't the word as this isn't really 'appropriate' for adults. However, play or watch a review of it yourself and you'll see what I mean.

Also if you have a history of epilepsy or sensitivity to rapidly flashing lights. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.

I'm not a big fan of crude humor, but I found it funny and ultimately this is just really fun.

If you like high difficulty, high energy, highly politically incorrect games and juvenile humor this is going to be one of your favorite games.

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